Valentine’s Day, The Cheap Way!

I seem to always be overly prepared for things, so I got my taxes done early this week……

(diving any further into that subject very well may put me into a deep depression, so lets move along)….

and my budget for my feller’s gift was now limited. Of course, we had set our limit a couple weeks back but I tend to break the rules when it comes to budgeting ($50 just doesn’t seem like nearly enough to spoil him).

I had thought long and hard about what I wanted to get Casey and I just couldn’t get creative enough to think of anything. Where does every woman go for ideas? Pinterest of course!

Except 80% of the V-Day gift ideas for men were sexualized! So, I put my own twist on something I saw, made it a PG version and I easily stayed within budget!

*The Five Senses Gift*

  1. See: I bought Casey a movie he’s seen over and over but for some reason, has never owned (and one he has been asking for every holiday for the last year): Stepbrothers!
  2. Taste: When he discovered Starbursts made the FavReds bag, he was so excited! I got him the big bag-we’ll see how long they last him…
  3. Touch: Any type of clothing was a no-no for Casey (the guy has more clothes than any female does!!). I had to get creative, trying to think of items with different textures or materials that he would use. Then it hit me: cinder block homes retain cold air (in case you were wondering). I had seen a pack of red and black plaid flannel sheets at Walmart and knew that’s what he needed!
  4. Smell: While some men truly appreciate Bath and Body Works candles (shout out to you, Dad!), Casey unfortunately isn’t one of them. On my gift hunt, I found a shampoo/body wash combo at a local store, with an amazing scent that fits Casey perfectly (Mossy Rock is the best!).
  5. Hear: I really had to think about this one. To make sure I stayed within my set budget, I decided what better way to audibly show my love for Casey than a homemade CD with every song that has developed some sort of meaning to our relationship since day 1!

Then came the packaging. Guys don’t really pay attention to detail when it comes to things of this nature, but I do (OCD is strong for me). So, I didn’t spend a lot of money on it but chose things that coordinated together, making it look presentable!

There you have it: My Valentines Day gift for my honey: on a $50 budget, gifts and packaging included!



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