Hello! I’m so excited you’ve chosen to come to my blog to read about my thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears and sometimes, just my ranting about anything that has me upset!

I figure I should tell you about myself first though!

I was born on June 18th, 1991 in Albemarle, NC. At 5 years old, God had called my dad into ministry and off we went on an adventure. We moved to Hendersonville for a couple of years for dads first run in seminary school. Next stop was Wake Forest, NC, just outside of Raleigh. He finished up his schooling there and God called him to his first church in Franklin, NC. I began the 5th grade here and here I’ve remained!

As I finished high school, I’d decided I wanted to pursue my dream of cosmetology. Nothing else appealed to me! I began beauty school directly out of high school in August 2009, graduated in December 2010, began in the salon in January 2011 and I’ve been on that ride ever since! I love my job, I love my customers and I’m so grateful to have a career that I absolutely love.

While most of my life has been wonderful: parents have been married for 30+ years, 2 sisters who are my best friends, one true best friend from high school, great brother-in-laws and a nephew who’s cheeks I could pinch off, I’ve had my generous share of heartache and disappointment. Growing up in the Christian home I did, when I had no choice but to accept I was looking at divorce in the terribly ugly face, it hit me: although I didn’t understand it, God has a reason and a purpose for every single thing you face in life, the good and the bad. Because everything that has followed that low point in my life has been a blessing.

I’m now with a man who loves me more than I’ve ever loved myself (and definitely more than I feel worthy of); I’ve gained an amazing group of friends-the kind that truly would drop whatever to come help me; I was offered a head coaching position for the cheerleading team at the local middle school; and most importantly, Christ has become much more present in my daily life. I can’t help but to give thanks to God for all that my life has consisted of!

So, how do I put myself into just a few words? I’m a God loving, hair cutting, cheer coaching, southern raised girl, with plenty to say. So join me in reading about my busy, crazy life!