5 Big DON’TS Every Stylist Knows

After starting my career 6 years ago, as with anything else, you learn things the hard way. And to be really honest, there are still times when I make the rookie mistakes that even the most seasoned stylist may slip up and do.

I got to thinking, after realizing I’d committed TWO of these things last week at work, I just need to share all that’s come to mind. Because here’s the truth: 

It had been a while since I’d had a vacation and my brain was fried…The struggle is real, people. Saturday was the first day of my family vacation and it was so needed. 

5 Big DON’TS Every Stylist Knows:

5) DON’T Quote Prices Over the Phone: This isn’t to try and keep your pricing a big secret. For me, I have my services priced to what I think is fair for myself as the one giving the service and also to my clients, being able to come and have their hair done without breaking the bank, and I really have no problem with anyone knowing it. HOWEVER! When you price something over the phone, you literally have no clue what you’re getting into. To the client seeking an appointment, their “natural” color could actually be 3 layers of dark brown box color they’ve done at home themselves, in attempt to cover the blonde bombshell haircolor their BFF did late one night at home on a whim. Color corrective prices are VERY different from single or even double process color pricing!

4) DON’T Rush the Color Process: Stemming from the color correction service mentioned above, don’t try and squeeze a 4 hour color appointment into a mere 2 1/2 hours. There are clients with enough hair for 7 people and you’re not going to accomplish what they want that quickly and do an efficient job! Sometimes, you need to understand yourself that a haircolor your client desires may take multiple appointments, and that’s okay. Explain it to them because 9 times out of 10, they are going to appreciate the honesty and appreciate the fact that you’re keeping their hair in good condition and not frying it trying to lift them from a natural level 2 to platinum blonde in 2 hours!

3) DON’T Forget to Charge Your Clippers: I literally do this all the time. It’s such a hard concept, I know (sarcasm overload…). But when your first customer of the day is a fade, it’s pretty important to be able to use them. So the difficulty level of remembering to put them on the charger the night before should become easier as this happens to you more and more. 

2) DON’T Book a Wax As Your First Appointment of the Day: If you’re like me and get to work 10-15 minutes before your first appointment, your wax pot won’t be ready in time. I was actually saved the other morning by the fact that my wax can is almost empty and it did heat up around the edges just enough in 5 minutes that I didn’t ruin my clients day by not being ready for her. But this isn’t always the case and could be a slight problem if you’re not prepared with your products to service your client. 

All joking aside, the most important thing to remember as a stylist:

1) DON’T Forget to Take Time Off: When you get so busy and wrapped up in work, you get burnt out and that goes for any job. It’s so important you take a vacation, even if it’s just a vacation from your phone and appointment book. Take time to rest, recharge and then come back to the thing you love: making every person who sits in your chair feel like a million bucks. 

That’s it! Remembering those 5 things will make you an instant billionaire! Just kidding…it won’t do that but it will make your day to day life a lot easier in the shop! 



The 5 Things Grooms Actually Care About

So here I am, planning a wedding. And I would like to think most brides are like me and want their groom to be involved in every single detail about the big shebang. Every. Single. One.

While Casey has been great to give me feedback when I ask him questions, I can see in his eyes the truth: the things I’m asking him about really do not matter to him. Such as, our outfits for our engagement pictures. His response?

“Babe, I don’t care. You’re the one that’s going to look at them the most, so whatever makes you happy.”

So I get to thinking, what actually matters to men? Here’s what I’ve come up with:

5. The Bridal Party: This is a given for grooms to care about who is chosen to stand up there by us on our big day. Casey’s known for a long time who he wanted to stand by him and of course it was an easy choice when the time came to ask. 

4. The Men’s Attire: This was the second thing Casey had a strong opinion on from day 1 of our engagement. He pretty much immediately knew he wanted light grey pants and white shirts for all the groomsmen and he’s let me run with the color palette since then. 

3. Budget: Being that this is my second wedding, I’m planning on paying for most everything and not expecting my parents to do anything (although, they’re amazing and already have and are planning to help more). Casey doesn’t want to see me spend so much money on things and make myself go broke for our wedding. He cares what I’m spending for my sake and I’m glad he makes me aware of where my money is going (Lord knows I need reeling in sometimes).

2. Food: Long before we even got engaged, he knew what he wanted (and absolutely DID NOT want). Anyone who knows Casey, knows he’s as simple as they come. He’s channeled that into the kind of food he wants at our wedding, which I have compromised with him and all of his daily food favorites will be served during an appetizer hour before the main course (we’re talking ramen noodles, little smokies and more). However, BBQ is 100% off the menu and the mention of it gets the response:

“If BBQ is there, I won’t be.” 

And he’s serious…..

And across the board, the most important thing to every groom is:

1. The Honeymoon: Because, well, ya know. No explanation needed!