Now Do You Understand?

About a year and a half ago, these were the questions I constantly asked myself:

“Why God? Why is this happening to me?”

“How could this possibly fit into Your perfect will for my life?”

“I just don’t understand.”

I couldn’t comprehend what had happened to me. I didn’t want to understand.

While my detailed story would be a completely different entry, I finally got my answer to my question of WHY from God.

People always say (about any and every trial in life):

“In His timing you’ll understand. One day, you will get it.”

And while usually that is the case, it’s never hit me so clearly as it did just the other day.

I’m at work this past Saturday, cutting hair and within my normal, casual conversation, I ask:

“How’s (your daughter) doing?”

“Not good…I actually need to talk to you about a divorce lawyer.”

*Insert punch in the stomach, here!*

I never would’ve expected to hear these words from this lady. She’s just one of those people who has
one of those families that, while I know no one is perfect and she’s never claimed to be, they are truly the sweetest, most kind hearted human beings I’ve ever known.

And the story that followed her initial sentence almost brought me to tears right there at my
station. I couldn’t believe the situation her daughter was now going to be filing to get herself out of!

But God quietly whispered in my ear:

“Now, do you see why? Do you understand how I used your trial for my glory?”

This woman was asking me to help them! She was coming to me to help guide her daughter through the very thing that I had to endure.

As she walked out the door, I could just feel the complete sense of understanding and the natural want to help this woman’s daughter. I couldn’t help but smile, knowing God chose me to walk the valley I did so I could hold the hand of another child of His, walk through that exact
same valley.

God is GOOD y’all!!