Remembering Dreams Before They’re Gone

Have you ever desperately tried to keep hold of every small detail when you immediately wake up from the best dream you’ve ever had? Because I woke up this morning from the most real, vivid, best dream I’d ever experienced. Even before I opened my eyes, I thought really hard: trying to remember every single detail before they were all faded away and forgotten, often like dreams do. 

The first detail I remembered was waking up for church, just at the last minute I possibly could before knowing I would be late. I quickly showered, fixed my hair, being surprised it fixed correctly since I just had it done. New hairstyles never fix that easily right after you get your hair done! I put on my make up and my clothes and still had 5 minutes to spare. 

I dreamed I went to church and that we had an amazing worship service. The Lord moved and it was truly evident how powerful, worthy and holy He is!

I remembered getting to go fishing that afternoon, one of my favorite things to do with Casey. I’d dreamed the wind was making him so irritated and I’d laughed more than once at the frustration he had towards the weather. But I hugged him and thought:

“The weather doesn’t matter. This moment with you is perfect.”

As the details began running together, I knew we had gone to the store, bought fish fry items and began cooking for my parents, sisters, brother-in-laws and Casey’s parents. Having everyone there together is so rare-it fueled my belief that I was only waking up from the best dream of my life.

But the more awake I became this morning, the more real it felt when I remembered walking into the living room with everyone, Casey reminding me the significance of the first place we exchanged “I Love You’s” and his question he had to ask me. I asked myself:

“Is this real? Are you really awake now?”

That’s when I felt it: the ring on my finger that proved my dream theory wrong. The ring that proved yesterday truly existed. The ring that symbolizes my life is finally starting.

The ring that Casey chose to make the biggest decision of his life: that he wanted me to be his fishing buddy for the rest of his life.